Sweet Science is the perfect workout app

The app will meet all of your HIIT training, connecting, and boxing education needs.

Finally, a Perfect Training App That Works for You!

Sweet Science is the perfect workout app for everyone from the professional boxer to the recreational athlete looking to stay fit. The app will meet all of your HIIT training, connecting, and boxing education needs. Sweet Science has “go at your own pace” instructional workout videos and an in-app directory for anyone looking to connect with other boxers for sparring and training. Want to know what’s going on in the boxing community? Don’t worry about going to a cable news network, Sweet Science will keep you up to date on current boxing news and provide a list of upcoming boxing events throughout the country. Sweet Science is a premier boxing app and there’s nothing to lose by joining in with us….the app is completely FREE!

SweetScience HIIT Training Platform

Platform to Learn, Train, Connect with The Professionals.

Sweet Science Inc. is a team of app developers and boxing enthusiasts based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our team consists of amateur and professional boxers as well as trainers who work with fighters of all skill levels.




Easy to Use App with High-Quality Training Videos


Why SweetScience App?

No equipment, no experience necessary

Great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

FREE timer mode to simulate rounds for training or sparring

Instructional videos on the fundamentals of boxing

Social Media App for boxers and boxing fans

Directory of boxers looking to meet others for sparring or training (GPS activated)

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